About Us

The Caliph began in 1960.  Originating as a "Straight" bar, it became a popular place to go.  Then around 1978 it slowly started to transition, "Straight" by day and then at night the "Gay" crowd started to filter in. By 1979 (while owned by the 3rd owners, Richard Juras and his partner David), it became mostly all "Gay" and then in the early 1980's was a "Gay" bar 100%.  After being purchased in 1986 by Warren Phillips, and with top notch entertainers at the piano seven nights a week (Carol Curtis, Linda Ventura, Barry Craig, Kenny Ard, Peggy Loyd, Peggy Minifee, Ruby Bernard, Janice Edwards, Nathan Fry....Don LeMaster "Don L" joined the musical family a few short years later), cocktails flowing like a river and other festivities going on, The Caliph was one of the hottest night spots around town.  During those years, The Caliph became known by many names such as, "The Wrinkle Room", "God's Waiting Room" and "The Old Man's Bar" to name a few.  These stigmas are now going away.  All ages are welcome at The Caliph from 21 - 100. In 2002 The Caliph was sold to it's current owner, Sherman Mendoza.  Sherman, being a man who is for everyone, decided that The Caliph would now be "Everyone's Bar".  It didn't (and doesn't) matter if you were gay or straight, male, female or Orange with Purple spots, all were (and are) welcome at The Caliph.